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"Can children have acupuncture?"   
"Would my son (7) benefit from having treatment?"  

"What about my baby?!" 

Some of the most frequently asked questions & the answer is quite simply,  YES!   

Babies and children respond incredibly quickly to a combination of acupuncture and tui na (chinese massage), offering effective treatment for both physical and mental helath issues.  And without the risks of side effects from long term medication.   

My youngest patient was just 2 months old and even though 15 year olds are more adult than child, offering a personalised treatment helps all ages.  The thought of needles is always worse than the reality. Yet with the right skills and approach children tend to adapt comfortably to their treatment.  

I used to be a teacher (sshhhh...) and have recently added to my Chinese Medicine expertise by undertaking extra training with leading paediatric practitioner Rebecca Avern.  Be assured that your child is in competent hands.  


It was like magic. Louise made it really easy to follow the 5 minute routine. It only took a couple of days to see the reflux disappear, her constipation ease and her digestion improve. Brilliant!
Mummy A & Baby D